Dear Congress: It's Time For Clean Energy and Climate Solutions

Clean Energy and Climate Solutions

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Sep 12th, 2017
Someone from Indio, CA signed.
Jul 20th, 2017
Delicia A. from Canisteo, NY writes:
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We look to the government-USA- to get on the bandwagon. But we too need to do more than write posts. We need to get up off our buts and do whatever it takes to bring the carbon situation down as well. Green House gases- here's a hint at what will happen when our oceans get even more sickly and depleted of corals and the intricate chain that is the eco system gets broken. The oceans PROTECT us from excessive heat by absorption but with excessive green house gases even they are being over burdened therefore they cannot keep our temperature/weather/rain/ ice cap melting, etc at normal levels. And I DO NOT want to hear that this is normal because it IS NOT!!!! So we and all the people around the world as well as all the government need to gather to rectify the damage WE have done. How? Cut down on traveling singly {carpool}, stop using anything producing carbon, cut down on garbage, push for clean energy, use clean energy, peacefully boycott, write letters to those with power, ride a bicycle, moped, bus whenever possible, stop having so many children---think poop, think breath, think stinkers- same with animals {you may think I'm kidding but consider the population of both humans and animals}. TAKING RESPONSIBILITY and TAKING ACTION is our only hope or we may very well {and probably will} become an endangered species as well. Who needs to worry about countries/people that wish to do us harm when in actuality we are, in fact, committing suicide by our in-actions both publicly as well as via the government?
Jul 20th, 2017
Delicia A. from Canisteo, NY writes:
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I ask you, how in the world can upwards of 50 different country be on the bandwagon of utilizing clean energy while we, supposedly a world leader, does not. There IS Global Warming and it has been unequivocally proven and yet we live using fossil fuels and for what- so the rich can get richer. Well, let them invest in the future of clean energy so that we can save our oceans from dying out and doing so save ourselves. You fat cats think we are stupid. That is a very big mistake on your part. Do your job collectively irregardless of party affiliation. This isn't about is about every man, woman, and child and the only home we have, earth.
Jul 3rd, 2017
Athenea H. from Del Rio, TX signed.
Jun 7th, 2017
Lissette S. from Bushnell, FL writes:
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This is our home, if we don't do something to help her, we will have no home. Let's do something with clean energy.
May 24th, 2017
Will P. from Orange Park, FL writes:
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When we do not prioritize the environment, our jobs and prosperity won't matter when our earth is no longer habitable. Also, clean energy growth presents more job opportunities and economic growth than fossil fuel. Stop with the foolishness and talk to any economist and climate scientist about the need to have clean energy growth and legal frameworks. Do not defund.
May 12th, 2017
Michias M. from Bellingham, WA writes:
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I support clean energy. We need clean energy to save our planet.
May 10th, 2017
Someone from Monterey Park, CA signed.
May 4th, 2017
Caleb R. from Weare, NH signed.
Apr 24th, 2017
Someone from Springfield, IL signed.