Say Thanks to These Republican Climate Leaders!

Cosponsors of the Gibson Climate Resolution H.R. 424

BACKGROUNDEleven bold Republicans have introduced a climate initiative in the U.S. House of Representatives. It's called the Gibson Climate Resolution H.R. 424. It says that climate change and sea level rise are serious threats and Congress has a duty act. (See the actual Climate Resolution HERE).

It's Easy - Here's How To Make the Call:
1) Find the phone number below & dial direct
2) Say your name, ask if you can leave a message 
3) Say you heard the Member is a cosponsor of: The Gibson Resolution on Climate Change (H.R.424)
4) Thank the Member for cosponsoring. Tell them it means a lot to you.
5) Say climate is a critical issue to you
6) Thank them for taking your call
7) Log your call below so others can be inspired by your action!

NOTE: When refering to the Member of Congress you can say "The Congressman" or "The Congresswoman" or "Mr. ________" or "Ms. ________"

Hi, my name is [  YOUR NAME   ] and I’d like to leave a message for [ The Congressman/woman ]. Can I give you the message?  

I just heard that [ The Congressman/woman ] is one of the cosponsors of the Gibson Resolution on Climate Change. And I just want to thank [him/her] for doing that! I really appreciate [his/her] leadership on this. It gives me hope! 

Climate change is one of our biggest challenges. It's great to see that The Congressman/woman ] is willing to do something about it. I just had to call to say thanks!

Will you give that message to  The Congressman/woman ] for me?

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